Warranty Policy

Armaggeddon Gaming Chair Warranty Policy


Gaming Chair Warranty Table

  1. Warranty covers

*Warranty will be cover for the following duration:

Parts Covered Standard Warranty

Complimentary Extended Warranty*

Chair Frame, Wheelbase

Up to 3 years  

Lumbar support, Central mechanism hub,

Armrest mechanism, Castor mechanism

Up to 2 years  









*Complimentary extended warranty can use for users that shares

  - photos

  - videos

  Of our Armaggeddon chairs to receive additional 2 ~ 4 years warranty extension.


Armaggeddon will cover the products warranty periods specified above with regards to:

  1. Missing materials from the products at the time of delivery
  2. Defects in the manufacturing of materials leading to loss of functionality in the products at the time of delivery
  3. Failure of the products to correspond with the description in the applicable contract of sale at the time of delivery
  4. Defects in the functionality of hydraulics, armrest, and castors.


For each purchased, the warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the product (based on valid tracking details).

During the applicable warranty period, Armaggeddon Service Centre will repair, replace, or refund (at its option and in accordance with applicable law) any product, part, or component covered by this warranty.


  1. What our warranty does not cover  

Armaggeddon does not cover the following under is warranty:

  1. Normal wear and tear including, but not limited to, the wear and tear or degradation of mesh, top portion of armrests, lumbar support, exterior of castors, variance of tightness of mechanisms.
  2. Any damage to the products or to any property or person caused by failure to adhere to Armaggeddon published instructions and guidelines, accident abuse, misuse, water, flood, fire, or other acts of nature or external causes (including, without limitation, use of the products in unsuitable environment or conditions).
  3. Defects in a product that has been modified or altered, including the substitution of any unauthorized components for use in place of the original components in the products.
  4. Defects in a product caused by failure to use, apply, install, reconfigure, or maintain the product or component according to Armaggeddon published instructions.
  5. Minor aesthetic and cosmetic abnormalities or variants which do not affect the functionality of the product.
  6. The labour required to replace any defective parts on your Armaggeddon Gaming Chair.  



Armaggeddon Pixxel+ Gaming Monitor Warranty Policy


** LCD Panels are made of millions of microelectronic pixels, if one pixel no longer functions normally, it will become a bright or dark dot. ARMAGGEDDON conforms to the industry premium standard acceptable level.
- More than 3 defectives bright 
- More than 3 dark pixels
- In total got more than 5 dead pixels 
In order to deliver the ultimate visual experience to our customers, if your panel is less than or equal to the above number of dots, then, it is considered acceptable.


Monitor Warranty Table

Monitor Model Screen Panel Parts & Accessories (Optional)
All Model 3 Years* 1 Years* (Cables and Bundle Gifts are Excluded)

Note: 1 (One) year onsite pickup (Klang Valley).


Claimable Guideline

After Purchase Bright Dot Dark Dot Mix Dot in Total
3 Years More than 3 More than 3 More than 5


Warranty does not apply to: ("EXCLUDE CIRCUMSTANCES")

  1. Removed, revised, defaced, or damaged Warranty seals and/or original factory serial numbers.
  2. Damage resulting from improper installation, including, but not limited to, incorrect or insufficient electric power supply.
  3. Self-Dismantling the product that is under warranty will result in voiding the warranty claim.
  4. Defects resulting from long-term improper use.
  5. Damage (including cosmetic damage such as scratches, spots, or dents), failure, loss or personal injury due to misuse, abuse, negligence, improper maintenance and storage or acts of nature.
  6. Must include both proof of purchase and product original packaging.



*Terms and conditions apply

**Same Policy applies for Display Set Monitor



Armaggeddon Power Supply Warranty Policy


  • The new 3 years warranty policy for Armaggeddon's PSU unit only applicable for purchases made in 2021 onwards. 


**Armaggeddon Warranty does not apply for, Self-Dismantling the product that is under warranty will result in voiding the warranty claim.